Say Hello To Spring With Preserved Flowers!

Spring, the time when we say goodbye to Winter and (hopefully) the snow and say hello to sunshine, warmth and rebirth!

The days get longer, the days get warmer, April brings the showers, May brings the flowers!

Holidays include Easter, April Fool’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Passover and many more!

Spring into the sunny season and watch the rainbow of flowers blossom beneath you!


From ravishing roses to pretty pink carnations, you will see beautiful flowers grow all around you for Spring, but have you ever wanted one perfectly preserved inside your home?

Well, guess what… YOU CAN!

Endura Roses is the world’s largest range of preserved flowers and greenery with over 25 years of experience within their ranks.

They can offer you a unique, exclusive glass, wood and metal creations to house outstanding preserved flowers.

On top of that, they also have amazing discounts, quick and easy ordering, next day delivery and the ability to track your order!


Endura’s vibrant flower arrangements and beautiful foliage can turn any empty space you have into something more meaningful or add freshness to your room.

Not only are they beautiful and wonderful, but there are also many benefits to preserved roses such as low maintenance, cost effective, no freeze drying or dehydration, environmentally friendly and many more!

Mother’s Day is also fast approaching and flowers are a (very) popular gift option, especially the carnations and roses!

Did you know that the carnation means fascination, distinction, and love?

Each colour of carnation also has a symbolisation and these are what they mean:

  • White means purity and luck.
  • Light red means admiration.
  • Dark red means love and affection.
  • Pink means gratitude.
  • Yellow means disappointment or rejection.
  • Purple means capriciousness.


You can get beautifully preserved carnations today from Endura Roses to place in your home! You can also choose the colour from pink to white to purple!

You can also buy a wide variety of roses of all sizes and colours! You can check out their amazing variety here!

They don’t just only do normal roses, but they also do garden roses! Garden roses such as Kabukiza, Kabuky and Rose Temari!

Here’s a fun fact about roses! Did you know that there are over 100 species of roses?


Want to know why you should choose Endura Roses preserved flowers?

Here’s why!

  • They spare no expenses when it comes to enhancing the natural beauty of the flowers and foliage!
  • Endura only use a superior quality of flowers and greenery that aren’t available anywhere else on the market!
  • On top of the quality, Endura’s flowers also have a longer shelf life!
  • There is no middleman, meaning that Endura sell directly from the growers!
  • Unrivalled selection of size and colours across their entire range!

Not only do they have amazing, foliage, preserved products, but they have an amazing website too!

Have you checked out their website yet? If not, then you should as it’s easy to navigate around the website!

If you head over to their website, you will notice that all the happy and positive colours are easy on the eyes and all the text is easy and simple to read!

You may also notice that it is easy to find your way around the website and look at all the products available for purchase!

Do you like the design of the website and the way in which the navigation and the products are presented?

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