Safety First – Workplace Protection Screens

Here at Lawrence Davis, we want to help get your business back to work safely and help to kick start the economy. We have produced acrylic screens that serve as a physical barrier between both staff and customers, reducing your staffs’ exposure to potential infection.

This simple but effective measure ensures the safety of staff whilst interacting with customers. Not only that, but it is also easy to install as a semi-permanent arrangement, and delivery can usually take around 4-5 weeks from the placement of an order.

We currently have two available workplace protection screens:

  • Clamped Clear Acrylic Screen
  • Freestanding Clear Acrylic Screen

You can choose from five standard widths to help protect you and your staff against coughs and sneezes. Did you also know that they are designed and manufactured in the UK? There are currently branded options available, so give us a call on 01782 264400 and we can give you a quote.

For your reference, each screen is 5-6mm wide with anodised aluminium brackets and plastic wing knobs for easy fitting and fixing.

Bowcock Cuerden Solicitors have recently purchased their own set of Freestanding Clear Acrylic Screens for their workplace:

“We are really happy with the quality, design and sturdiness of the screens. They don’t feel intrusive at all. Thank you for supplying them.”

In the picture provided by the client, you can see how discreet our screens are. They opted to go for the brandless versions due to their logo being on the wall behind the reception desk.

Are you interested in having workplace screens to protect your staff and clients? Contact Amanda today.

The LD Team x

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