Eden Holistic Pet Foods to appear at Crufts 2020

Eden Holistic Pet Foods pride themselves on formulating a range of foods that cater to the nutritional needs of both cats and dogs. Their pet food is developed in consultation with vets and nutritionists and contains the best quality meats, fruits and vegetables, not to mention that they are also grain and gluten-free.

“Supporting animal health through nutrition” is what they stand by and will always remain their guiding philosophy as they strive to make animals healthier and happier.

Animal welfare is a subject that is very close to Eden’s heart. Eden products are tested on their own animals as well as a small number of pets that are owned by friends and family of the business. This way they can try out any new recipes and eat the food on a daily basis to monitor the long-term benefits that a good diet has on health.

The company was formed in 2011 with the overall aim of producing foods that support the health and vitality of their own animals and has grown since then, flourishing into the business they are today.

As a result of hard work within the pet food sector, Eden is the first-ever within the UK to achieve the highest possible rating of 5 stars on one of the greatest dog food review websites All About Dog Food. This website allows you to see useful breakdowns of what ingredients are beneficial for your dog, how brands measure up and stockists for individual companies.

Eden Holistic Pet Foods has appeared quite a few times at Crufts Dog Show, and its safe to say that they will be making an appearance again at this year’s show.

Crufts is the greatest dog event in the world and is organized by The Kennel Club on a yearly basis to celebrate every role that dogs play in our lives. Over the years, Crufts has changed in many ways that no one believed was possible.

Set up by the late, but great, Charles Cruft, it all started in Victorian times when the world was a very different place back in 1891. Thanks to this amazing individual, the event has become an essential date to put in any dog lover’s calendar.

The dog show is still an important part of the event as it celebrates the uniqueness of the pet and their relationship with the owner. Not only this, but judges are also trained to ensure that only healthy dogs win the prize, which encourages those to breed dogs safely and healthily.

Crufts and The Kennel Club are constantly working hard behind the scenes towards making a difference for dogs. Not to mention that Crufts is the UK’s largest organization dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs.

Overall, Crufts is to celebrate all dogs. Working dogs are celebrated such as those in the gamekeeper classes or those which line up for the police dog team operational and humanitarian action of the year award. It is also important to note that Crufts also hails the hero dogs through the Friends For Life competition.

Rescue dogs are also celebrated within the rescue dog competition, as well as the speed and agility of dogs are celebrated in the popular competitions of flyball and heelwork to music.

You can check out Crufts amazing timeline of events on their history page!

Eden Holistic Pet Foods offer you a wide range of products ranging from:

  • 80/20 Dried Dog Food,
  • Semi-Moist Dog Food,
  • Working Dog Food,
  • Cat Food,
  • Supplements,
  • Sample Packs.

Come and take a look around their stunning website today, it’s filled with lots of information in regard to product, animal welfare, ingredients and even how you can get in touch with them if you have any queries about their products and services!

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post and if you’ll be going to Crufts, remember to keep your eye out for Eden!

The LD Team x

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