Treat Your Mother To A Heavenly Dessert This Mothers’ Day!

When we say words like Cookie Dough, Cakes, Sundaes and Hot Chocolate, what comes to mind? The Ultimate Luxury Dessert Experience?

Heavenly Desserts are strikingly elegant presentations, all created at the magical hands of their talented artisans. The creative team brings unique creations to life that are characterised by a high level of precision, experience and creativity. The result is a superior delicacy that offers a winning combination of taste, appearance and quality.

Their creations are irresistible, elegant and innovative, but they have been creating memories 2008. Each visit to Heavenly Desserts is a journey, discovering new creations whilst lavishing within exclusive surroundings. The signature spirit will make you feel treasured, it showers you with absolute attention and transforms a dessert into a symbol of how much you cherish those special moments in life.

They are currently open in popular locations such as Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Cardiff, Oxford, Nottingham, Leicester, Northampton and many more. With 20 locations already open, they have an astounding 11 new stores yet to open in cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, York, Wembley and others.

With Mothers’ Day around the corner, its time to treat your mum the right way and that is with a wonderful dessert, specifically a Heavenly Dessert!

Not only do Heavenly Desserts have well-known desserts like Cookie Dough, Custard, Cakes and others, but they also have their own Signature Creations which consist of a wild variety of tasty delights.

Signature Creations consist of desserts that use the wondrous waffles, both American and Belgian. Alongside those, you can have the fabulous flavours of Nutella, bananas, strawberries, hazelnut and many more. Did we mention that you can also trade your waffle for a crepe?

Don’t fancy a waffle or crepe though? Why not try their delicious Cookie Dough creations where you can have the throwback taste of chocolate chip to take you back to your childhood.

If your mum doesn’t feel like a waffle, crepe or cookie dough, you can always surprise her with an unbeatable cake from the wide variety available at Heavenly Desserts. Unforgettable classics such as Red Velvet, Cookies & Cream, Profiteroles, Chocolate Brownie and even the popular Cheesecake!

Did we also mention that you can add custard to certain desserts?

If you’re feeling a little different though this Mothers’ Day, be sure to check out their sensational sundaes where they are fruit-filled and fantastically filling.

But, if you can’t decide from the exquisite choices, you can create your own using any base, any sauce, any topping and the finishing touch of gelato.

What is a dessert without a drink on the side? And, what do you fancy drinking? Mocktails? Tea? Hot Chocolate? A bonus on the side is that you can even add vanilla, cinnamon, caramel or hazelnut to add that kick to your drink!

What is a drinks menu without milkshakes though? Yes, that’s right, these magnificent milkshakes are not to be slept on because they are filled with flavour and taste tremendous! The fun part is that you can get them in almost any flavour available at Heavenly Desserts like strawberry, mango, chai and even Ferrero Rocher!

Have we persuaded you to treat your mum to a Heavenly Dessert or have we yet to tempt you? If we have yet to catch your attention, why not check out their stunning new website that has been delicately designed to match the nature of their fantastic desserts!

The LD Team x

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