Virtually MADE Membership

MADE isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle choice.

They are Staffordshire’s first boutique wellness facility and offer membership prices which are affordable for all. MADE understands that everyone is different and has a wide range of membership options to suit the individual.

A safe haven is provided along with a vibrant community of like-minded and positive people. The MADE team consists of the very best that there is when it comes to the fitness experts and professionals within the Staffordshire area.

The MADE team are trained to not only educate individuals but also inspire. They are passionate about motivation and are always on hand to encourage you to become the best version of yourself. You can find out more via their handy Spa Membership page.

When you first enter MADE’s website, you are greeted with individuals who are currently in training. You are also shown their four amazing offers which are hard to be beaten elsewhere. The four offers go into more detail as to what each contains and how they will benefit you.

MADE also offers discounts for those within the Civil Services as well as having joint discounts.

Taking into consideration the overall design of the website, it is pleasing and relaxing to look at with the colours used complimenting one another. The website is extremely informative and provides the users with the right information as well as offering an online blog and shop.

Their shop includes items such as yoga mats, water bottles, organic acai berry powder and a black hoody along with their courses and memberships.

Continuing with the courses, memberships, and services that MADE offer, we took on the project to make a Virtual Gym, also known as Virtually MADE

In a world that is rapidly changing, MADE are always doing their best to ensure that their customers can continue to enjoy the benefits of the MADE community and all it has to offer.

Due to the governments decision to place the country in a period of lockdown, we helped MADE to develop an online-only membership to help bring a piece of MADE into your living room or garden. This virtual membership allows you to access a wonderful bank of home workouts including yoga, HIIT and meditation.

With grit, determination, and the workforce to complete the project, we not only design the website, but we made it live within a 4-week period. Each page was built up from scratch and the content rewritten to make the website as informative and insightful as we possibly could whilst continuously referring to their USP.

When speaking personally with the MADE team, they had informed us that our Moddershall Oaks blog post (More Than Just A Spa! – Moddershall Oaks Website Review) had inspired them for wanting a new website, and thanks to our blog post, they got in touch with us and the rest is history.

Take a look at their wonderful e-commerce website today via the link below!

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